IELTS Test TopicsWhat do you need to know to take the IELTS test?

The IELTS test is a general test, in that you don't need specialist knowledge to take the test – everyone, no matter what their educational background or field, should be able to answer each question. However, it is always useful to be able to include 'real-life' examples in writing and speaking. To do this confidently you need a good level of general knowledge.

Possible IELTS topics

IELTS questions cover a broad range of topics, but if you develop your general knowledge, it should help you in the test.The topics the IELTS test cover include:

Media, Culture and Popular Culture

Possible areas: 

• Television

• Film

• Popular music

• The role of music in popular culture

• Privacy and the media

• Newspapers

• Accountability in the media


Possible areas:

• Suitable punishments for crime

• How to rehabilitate criminals

• The responsibility of parents in preventing crime


Possible areas:

• The influence of advertising

• Stereotypes in advertising

• Ensuring responsible advertising

• Government regulation

Food and Diet

Possible areas:

• Food culture in your country

• Food and health

• Should food be genetically modified?


Possible areas:

• Different education systems in different countries

• Males and females and the impact of gender on performance at school

• Different types of vocational training

The following Internet resources offer in-depth articles on a variety of topics of general interest.

Read some!

Check vocabulary that you don't know…

Try to get a general understanding of what an article is about and try to understand some of the specific details…

Don't be too serious about this - but try to pick up something from these articles.

If you remember just one fact that you can use in the test, it will improve your confidence!

National Geographic

The Economist

National Geographic

Time Magazine

New Scientist

• Findarticles

Obviously, one good source of general knowledge is the news. Luckily, there are plenty of news sites on the Internet:• Google News

BBC News


• Google News

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