The 'Academic' IELTS Listening Test is tricky and demanding so it is worth preparing as well as possible before your test date. Knowing exactly what type of questions you can expect is very important. Here is an overview of one of the main IELTS Listening question types: 'Form Completion'.

Look at the following form:

 University English Language  Courses

  Name: (1) __________

  Course length: (2) __________

  Number of hours per week: (3) __________

  Course Dates

  - Course 1: January 3 to (4) ___________

  - Course 2: (5) _________ to December 19

  Deposit: (6) $__________

  Accommodation: $200 per week plus
  (7) $__________ registration

'Form Completion' questions often occur in Section 1 of the IELTS Listening Test (‘Social’ Context) and require people to listen to a conversation between at least two people. Often this conversation is a telephone conversation. Based on the information provided in the recording, candidates complete the details in the form.

Don’t just listen to the tape to get the answers. It is useful to think about what sort of information you need to listen for before the recording plays. 'Active' listening in this fashion means you will be ready for the answers as they appear in the recording.

From the form we can predict the following:

1. ‘Name’ - obviously listen for a name.

2. ‘Course Length’ - probably a number of hours

3. ‘Number of hours per week’ - certainly a number of hours – probably less than 40 hours. 

4. ‘Course 1’ - you need to listen for a date.

5. ‘Course 2’ - again you need to listen for a date.

6. ‘Deposit’ - a number of dollars.

7. ‘Accommodation’ - again a number of dollars.

Tip: If you have to write down a name, and it’s a difficult spelling, the name will be spelt Tip: If you have to write down a name, and it’s a difficult spelling, the name will be spelt out like this:


If the name is a word, an example might be given like this:

“Robin Day - opposite of NIGHT”

The person's surname is "Day" because 'day' is opposite of 'night'.

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